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Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

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The Firm has been involved in all aspects of litigation practice, having argued cases in the Court of Appeal, the High Court, the State Courts, the Family Court as well as before the Strata Titles Board. The Firm has over the years built up a reputation in general commercial litigation and arbitration.

The Firm is also effectively technologically hooked up to ensure speedier delivery of services for its clients. 

The Firms’ areas of practice includes:

  • Debt Recovery;
  • Landlord and tenant disputes;
  • Management corporation disputes;
  • Hire-purchase, leasing and financing disputes;
  • Employment disputes;
  • Insolvency, including winding up, judicial management and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Intellectual property, including copyright and trademark registration disputes;
  • Personal injuries and accidents;
  • Company law disputes, including director and shareholder claims;
  • Probate and administration, including estate disputes;
  • Insurance disputes;
  • Property disputes; and
  • Accident and Workmen Compensation Claims. For more information, click here.