“CSR is a reflection of a company’s values and commitment to being a responsible global citizen. It’s about doing well by doing good”

-Muhtar Kent-

Our firm strives to be socially responsible and to be conscious of the kind of impact we have on all aspects of society. We work towards giving back to the community and helping groups of less fortunate individuals.

One way our firm endeavours to make a positive impact on society is through seeking to aid charitable organizations through monetary donations. A prominent example of our efforts in giving back to the community was the fundraiser we organized in 2021.

The cause our firm chose to support was the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), which strives to give life and hope to those diagnosed with chronic kidney diseases by providing them with quality, highly subsidized dialysis treatment and holistic care. However, in order to provide their patients with continued dialysis treatment, NKF requires new dialysis machines to replace older ones as the life span of the machine is only about 8 years.

In support of this cause, our firm initiated a fundraising drive in 2021 in commemoration of the firm’s 20 th anniversary, reaching out to our clients, friends and well-wishes in a collaborative effort to raise funds for NKF in the purchase of new dialysis machines so that NKF could continue to render subsidized dialysis treatment to their patients.

Through the firm’s tireless effort in organizing this fundraiser, as well as the overwhelming support from our clients and well wishes we were proud to be able to raise a total of $200,000. The amount raised went directly towards the sponsorship of 10 new dialysis machines, benefitting NKF’s patients at their dialysis centre located at 55 Strathmore Avenue.

On 21 December 2021, NKF invited the firm and the donors to visit the dialysis centre, allowing us to see how the donation was benefiting their patients. There was a short ceremony where the firm and several donors were presented with tokens of appreciation by NKF. Pictures that mark the memorable fundraiser featuring our managing director, Mr Vijai Parwani, our various donors and our fellow friends at NKF can be found here .

Our firm was truly delighted to have made a positive impact on lives of the less fortunate. We continue to seek ways to contribute to the society and is especially committed to helping those in need.