Whether we like it or not, the topic of personal data is ironically not so personal anymore…
For the past year, lawyer Adrian Wee has been using emails to notify some individuals that they have been sued by his clients.
A motorist who bought a car which had clocked more than twice the mileage shown on its odometer took the seller to court and won.
A consumer is taking parallel importer SG Vehicles Global to court over a car he ordered a year ago, which has yet to be delivered.
Watchdog says SG Vehicles is only motor firm to be flagged twice; it drew ‘high volume’ of complaints.
In a small move with a big impact, a court has allowed the WhatsApp messaging system on a smartphone to be used to notify a defendant of a civil suit after failed attempts to serve the court papers on him personally.

S'pore ponders 'lemon' law to protect car buyers