LTA’s fast and secure online process from July is expected to cut down to car scams
Used-car buyers must double-check mileage clocked if they do not want to be taken for a ride
Volks Auto, Exodus Global, TLC Cars Singapore, Royal Automotive, and now…
Whether we like it or not, the topic of personal data is ironically not so personal anymore…
For the past year, lawyer Adrian Wee has been using emails to notify some individuals that they have been sued by his clients.
A motorist who bought a car which had clocked more than twice the mileage shown on its odometer took the seller to court and won.
A consumer is taking parallel importer SG Vehicles Global to court over a car he ordered a year ago, which has yet to be delivered.
Watchdog says SG Vehicles is only motor firm to be flagged twice; it drew ‘high volume’ of complaints.
Volkswagen has been given the green light to start its recall of cars affected by a global diesel scandal.
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The courts should be given discretionary power to forfeit a vehicle involved in crime
An association representing the owners of Lagoon View estate has failed in its court bid to force a unit owner to contribute more than $35,000 to buy up common areas.
In a small move with a big impact, a court has allowed the WhatsApp messaging system on a smartphone to be used to notify a defendant of a civil suit after failed attempts to serve the court papers on him personally.
Volkswagen is facing its first lawsuit from a Singapore car owner who is demanding a full refund on his car because of the manufacturer’s massive emission cheating scandal.
Almost 37 years after the release of the hit, “The Video killed the Radio Star”, the video…
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The scene was not unlike that of a posh car launch – buffet dinner, a “live” band and goodie bags at the door. But it was in fact a sombre briefing that Volkswagen (VW) Singapore held for owners of 662 vehicles affected by a diesel scandal involving 11 million vehicles worldwide.
The W Singapore-Sentosa Cove hotel refunded Madam Tan out of goodwill as she was a victim herself. It had earlier deducted over $7,000 from her husband’s credit card.
Source: Straits Times Date: 25 Sep 2012 Author: Vijai Parwani A NEW “lemon law” kicked in this month. This is an amendment to the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act and the Hire Purchase Act that gives consumers more protection against defective products, colloquially known as “lemons”. A separate lemon law for cars could have been […]
The Ferrari F430 Scuderia is apparently one of only eight here. Owner Lim Chin Liang is suing Ital Auto for an unspecified sum.
Condo, resident clash over land purchase He refuses to pay levy, questions management’s right to represent him By K.C. Vijayan, Law Correspondent A RESIDENT of Lagoon View executive apartments is being taken to court by his residents’ association over the purchase of the common areas of the development. Mr S.V. Chandran, 75, has refused to […]
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A CERTIFICATE of entitlement (COE) may have been secured in a car buyer’s name, but that does not automatically make him the rightful owner. Ownership of the COE resides with the party that bid and paid for it, the High Court ruled in an appeal case last week. Justice Kan Ting Chiu was satisfied that […]
SINGAPORE: Two days after a timeshare company admitted that it had adopted aggressive sales tactics, another firm, a makeover studio, has owned up to employing similar methods. And both — taken to court by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) for alleged violation of the Consumers Protection (Fair Trading) Act — have now agreed to […]
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Stock-market punters be warned: Making false and irresponsible comments about the financial market can get you jailed. Against the backdrop of a volatile stock market sensitive to rumours and careless speculation, Singapore’s Court of Appeal yesterday sent out this strong warning as a former stock trader was jailed for six months for spreading rumours about […]
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S'pore ponders 'lemon' law to protect car buyers